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What is Myopia?

what is myopiaAccording to a survey of the National Eye Institute (NEI) the estimated prevalence of myopia among adults 40 years and older in the United States is over 25%. Many children and young adults also experience reduced distant visual acuity due to nearsightedness which makes myopia probably the most common eyesight disorders.

What is myopia and who is at risk? Virtually anyone is at risk of myopia – it may occur in childhood or adolescence and may be caused by hereditary or environmental factors.

What is myopia?

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness is an eye condition which affects your ability to see distant objects clearly. People with myopia have no problems seeing objects that are close by but object further away appear blurred.

Learning what is myopia and being aware about the causes and the symptoms of the disease and what the available treatments are will help you preserve and protect your eyesight.


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