Eye Exercises

Chinese Eye Exercises: Acupressure Massages for Clear Vision

The following Chinese eye exercises and acupressure massage techniques include stimulation of several key points associated with eye health and vision. Each point should be massaged for about 10 seconds. It is recommended to always stimulate the points bilaterally, i.e. to massage both eyes at the same time. Also, don’t forget to cut your fingernails [...] Read more »

Astigmatism Prevention: 5 Ways to Ward Off Astigmatism

Whether you don’t have astigmatism or have managed to correct it, taking proper care of your eyes can help reduce the risk of astigmatism in the future.  Astigmatism prevention is important not only because it causes poor vision; due to the fact that astigmatism is usually associated with nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism prevention can help [...] Read more »

Eyesight Safety Ideas For The Workplace

Working in a healthy working environment is of utmost importance for your safety and wellbeing. What about your vision? Are the standard healthy working environment practices enough for providing sufficient safety for our eyesight? The following eyesight safety ideas for the workplace are specifically useful for those doing some close eye work that requires long hours of uninterrupted [...] Read more »

Eye Exercises For Computer Users Improve Vision Naturally

People spending long hours staring at a computer screen are exposed to a higher risk of eyesight disorders such as eye strain, nearsightedness (myopia), dry eye and blurry vision. These vision problems as well as many other uncomfortable symptoms like headaches, neck and back strain can be avoided by creating a healthy working environment and by doing some [...] Read more »

Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

Since astigmatism is one of the most common eyesight disorders, many people wonder if they can improve their eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises for astigmatism. The concept that eye exercises can help improve eyesight naturally is not new. The healing power of vision exercises was first suggested nearly a hundred years ago and there have been [...] Read more »

Dry Eye Natural Treatment

Dry eye is very common eye disorders. Although it is primarily associated with aging, many young adults and especially women suffer from its unpleasant symptoms. Apart from traditional medical dry eye treatments, there are plenty of dry eye natural treatment options. Some of our suggestions below are aimed at preventing dry eye, others – at [...] Read more »

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