Eye Exercises

Eye Healthy Foods that Reduce the Risk of Vision Problems

A lot has been said about the harmful effect of UV sun light on the eyes and vision. Apart from protecting your eyes by wearing sunglasses or protective contact lenses every time you go out, certain eye healthy foods can strengthen your eyes and minimize the risk of sun damage. But before I tell you [...] Read more »

Improve Eyesight Naturally: Cocoa Helps People With Poor Vision

It may not be long until the days when parents will actually ask their children to eat their chocolate. A new study at the University of Reading found that dark chocolate that contains cocoa flavanols has a positive effect on eyesight and may help people with poor vision improve eyesight naturally. Flavanols are phytonutrient compounds [...] Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Choices Will Help Protect Your Eyesight

The majority of people take eyesight for granted. They assume their vision will remain the same until their sixties, when probably it will inevitably get worse because of age. Well, this is wrong. Your eyes health, just like the health of any other organ in your body, depends not only on some genetic predispositions your might have [...] Read more »

Blepharitis Natural Treatment

In most cases blepharitis can be treated with various natural remedies. However, keep in mind that bacterial blepharitis, severe eye inflammation due to blepharitis or blepharitis caused by another eye disease may require prescription antibiotic or steroid eye drops, ointments and/or pills. Good eye hygiene is in the core of any blepharitis natural treatment approach. Wash [...] Read more »

Dry Eye Natural Treatment

Dry eye is very common eye disorders. Although it is primarily associated with aging, many young adults and especially women suffer from its unpleasant symptoms. Apart from traditional medical dry eye treatments, there are plenty of dry eye natural treatment options. Some of our suggestions below are aimed at preventing dry eye, others – at [...] Read more »

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Many people wonder what causes dry eyes. In general, dry eye can occur from improper balance of tear production and tear drainage and/or from poor tear quality. • Improper tear balance. Several glands in and around the eyelids produce tears. Usually, tear production decreases with age. Also, certain diseases and medications can cause decreased tear production. [...] Read more »

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