Eye Exercises

Computer Eye Problems: Is Computer Use in Classrooms Dangerous for Kids’ Eyesight?

According to the results of AOA 2011 American Eye-Q survey, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect of high-tech imaging technology use in classrooms on their children’s vision. More than half of the respondents with children 18 or younger think that 3D viewing is dangerous to a child’s eyesight and 29 % of parents [...] Read more »

Double Vision: Eye Exercises and Vision Relaxation Techniques for Double Vision

Double vision (diplopia) is clearly one of the most annoying vision disorders. It may be caused by a number of reasons – from eye strain due to prolonged eye work and impaired function of the eye muscles to serious neurological disorders. Diplopia may also be a symptom of other eye diseases such as cataract, corneal [...] Read more »

Cataract Treatment

Cataract surgery is the only remedy for cataract. However, there are various cataract treatment options for its early stages. • Corrective eyeglasses for near and/or distant vision. • Other low vision aids. • Stronger lighting. • Medications. Cataract is a progressive disorder however it doesn’t have a constant rate of development. Moreover, cataract progression is [...] Read more »