Eye Exercises

How to Improve Myopia: Tips for Natural Vision Correction

According to a study at the National Eye Institute (NEI), rates of myopia in people ages 12 to 54 raised from 25% in the early 70’s to nearly 42% in 1999-2000. This data marks a nearly 70% increase of myopia prevalence for the past 20 years. This data is not only quite disturbing but leads [...] Read more »

Vision Exercises – What to Expect After Doing Them

Vision exercises and vision relaxation techniques offer you a great opportunity to give your eyes some extra care and thus to promote your eye health, preserve and protect your vision. The concept of doing eye exercises to address some of the most common eyesight disorders such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, is not new. The benefits [...] Read more »

Natural Vision Improvement in Cases of Farsightedness

There is no universal approach to treating hyperopia. The exact treatment is determined by the type of hyperopia, the age of the person, accommodation power of the eyes, type and degree of symptoms. In some cases of hyperopia no treatment is required while in others a combination of treatments may be prescribed. There are three [...] Read more »