Eye Exercises

Computer Eye Problems: Is Computer Use in Classrooms Dangerous for Kids’ Eyesight?

According to the results of AOA 2011 American Eye-Q survey, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect of high-tech imaging technology use in classrooms on their children’s vision. More than half of the respondents with children 18 or younger think that 3D viewing is dangerous to a child’s eyesight and 29 % of parents [...] Read more »

How to Improve Myopia: Tips for Natural Vision Correction

According to a study at the National Eye Institute (NEI), rates of myopia in people ages 12 to 54 raised from 25% in the early 70’s to nearly 42% in 1999-2000. This data marks a nearly 70% increase of myopia prevalence for the past 20 years. This data is not only quite disturbing but leads [...] Read more »

Does Sun Therapy Improve Eyesight Naturally?

Most of the people who are interested in natural eyesight correction have surely come seen various articles and eye exercises advocating the so called sun or sunlight vision therapy. Does sun therapy truly improve eyesight naturally? Can sun gazing and other sun eye exercises help poor vision or are such practices harmful for eyesight? We [...] Read more »

Double Vision: Eye Exercises and Vision Relaxation Techniques for Double Vision

Double vision (diplopia) is clearly one of the most annoying vision disorders. It may be caused by a number of reasons – from eye strain due to prolonged eye work and impaired function of the eye muscles to serious neurological disorders. Diplopia may also be a symptom of other eye diseases such as cataract, corneal [...] Read more »