Eye Exercises

Eye Tracking Exercises: Help Your Child Develop Their Vision

Eye tracking is the ability to track moving objects with our eyes. This skill develops as we age and do things that require us to “track” moving objects. Eye tracking can also be enhanced with eye tracking exercises. As you can guess, eye tracking is important to just about any daily activity. However, it is [...] Read more »

Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

Since astigmatism is one of the most common eyesight disorders, many people wonder if they can improve their eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises for astigmatism. The concept that eye exercises can help improve eyesight naturally is not new. The healing power of vision exercises was first suggested nearly a hundred years ago and there have been [...] Read more »

Eyes Stretch Astigmatism Vision Exercise

One of the most common causes of eye strain, reduced focusing abilities, general eye stress, burning sensation in the eyes, “heavy” eyes is actually a very simple one – tense eyes muscles. Six muscles surround each of our eyes and make its movements possible. Every time we move our eyes up and down, to the [...] Read more »