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New Energy Massage Improves Vision Naturally

Massage is a powerful way to revitalize our body especially if it is aimed at specific body points. According to ancient Oriental medicine, there are specific energy points located at different places all over the body. Each of these points allows energy to flow uninterrupted through the body. Massaging the energy points responsible for vision balances the flow of energy through these points. When energy is able to flow freely, vision health is achieved.

The energy points connected with your eyesight are also responsible for the head and neck areas. Massaging these points is not only very beneficial for improving eyesight naturally but for releasing any tension accumulated in the neck and the head.

Here is how to perform this new energy massage:

energy transfer point massageFirst, you need to locate your vision energy points. There are two points, located at the back of your shoulders. Bring your left hand over your right shoulder and place your fingertips at the base of the neck. Slide them slowly over the top section of your shoulder muscle until you feel a sensitive spot – this is your right vision energy transfer point.

Once you have your fingertips on your right energy transfer point, start applying steady pressure on it. You don’t need to press very hard, just maintain constant deep pressure for about a minute.

Next, locate the energy transfer point on your left shoulder. You can do that by bringing your right hand over your left shoulder and sliding your fingertips over the top section of your shoulder muscle. Once you have found the correct spot, apply deep pressure on it for about a minute.

You can do the new energy massage as many times a day as you want. It will have best results if you vary the pressure every time you are massaging those points. Another important thing to note is that you must keep your neck and shoulders relaxed during the massage and keep breathing.

It is recommended that you combine the new energy massage technique with the Occipital Massage and several Vision Exercises.


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