Finger Tapping Exercise for Better Vision

Traditional Eastern medicine provides numerous techniques to temporary relieve the symptoms of many disorders and even to permanently cure diseases. No matter how controversial Easter medicine techniques are, there are a number of examples to prove the efficiency of some of its practices.

When it comes to improving eyesight or reliving the symptoms of some vision disorders in a natural way, there are several easy self-massage techniques, inspired by the ancient Eastern practices, that you can try. The following simple finger tapping exercise for better vision is designed to stimulate nerve endings in your fingertips, directly connected to the vision centers in your brain. Stimulating the vision centers of the brain promotes vision health and improves the focusing abilities of the eyes.

Here is how to perform the Finger Tapping Exercise: 

1. Sit comfortably on a char and regulate your breathing. Take deep, regular breaths and relax.

2. Place your palms together and pint each finger of the right hand to the respective finger of the left hand.

3. Start taping your fingertips. Tap them fast but keep your hands and wrists relaxed.

4. Continue tapping for a minute then shake your hands to release any tension.

As you can see, this self-massage is pretty simple and can be done virtually everywhere and at any time. If you get bored tapping your fingers at each other, you can slightly tap your temples, your forehead or the palms of your hands with your fingertips. Performing the Finger Tapping Exercise will not only make your vision clearer but will reduce your overall stress levels.


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